Why You Should Have Your Land Surveyed

While a land survey might appear unnecessary and boring, it is still extremely crucial. There are a lot of cases in which people have regretted not having their land surveyed. A land survey can save a lot of legal issues and confusion in the future. A land surveyor will look for available documents regarding your land. This includes past surveys and titles. Then, they’ll measure physically the property. They will examine these dimensions against the past records to look for any inconsistencies.  

Here are a couple of crucial reasons why you should hire a professional Albuquerque land surveyor.  

If The Previous Survey is Extremely Old 

You will be at a certain disadvantage if you use an old survey to identify boundaries. The latest measuring methods mean that current surveys will be extremely precise. This includes GPS measuring. For those who don’t know, there are a couple of places that haven’t been surveyed since the 19th century. This is particularly true for rural land. This means that in a lot of cases, neighbors might be intruding unknowingly on each other’s land.  

If Someone is Building Near the Property Line 

You should have a land survey performed if someone is constructing any form of structure and you think it is within your property. This is the first thing you should do when you want to resolve any intruding problems. You can make sure that your land remains yours to use. In addition to that, a survey will typically resolve such issues if you and your neighbor are fighting about the right boundaries of the land.  

Before You Build or Improve Your Property 

You should think about having a land surveyor mark the correct edges of your property before you build a fence, shed, or other structure on your land. This is particularly true if you’re building near property boundaries. With this, you can ensure that you aren’t building on the land of your neighbor. You can also ensure that you aren’t fencing out any land that’s actually yours. This is particularly crucial when constructing a property or other huge, permanent structure. There are a lot of things to remember when building such a structure. This includes setbacks, easements, and other needs that will be identified on your new land survey. You shouldn’t allow your builder or contractor to determine where to put the structure since they probably aren’t really aware of the actual boundaries.  

Before You Sell Your Land 

Also, you might want to think about having a land survey performed if you want to sell your property. This is extremely vital in locations where access to the road is questionable. Knowing the status of roads on your property can help the real estate agent know how marketable your property is. Acreage and shoreline footage are other selling points that a land surveyor can measure. A couple of buyers may put in an offer that’s subject to a survey. You can save time and improve the possibilities of quickly selling your property if you’ve done the survey early on.  

Misconceptions and Myths About Land Surveying

Land surveying is a complex industry. Because of that, there are a couple of myths about what this service is and why it is required. Possibilities are you’ve fallen victim to one or more of these misconceptions if you’re planning whether to have a land survey done on the property you want to purchase or on your own property. These myths have the chance to steer you wrong. 

Today, we are going to debunk a couple of myths to make sure you hire the right land surveyor

You Do Not Need Another Survey If the Property Was Surveyed Before 

Keep in mind that land surveying isn’t science. It’s a bit of an art. That’s why there is a chance that 2 surveyors will get various outcomes. In addition to that, two surveyors working at various points in time might not have similar available evidence since the measurements are made based on the evidence found. If they’re still in existence, the new surveyor will have the advantage of the markers set by the past surveyor. Furthermore, the new surveyor will also have the benefit of all records documented by the past survey. It might be well worth to have a new survey performed if the outcome of the past survey is being questioned.  

Every Land Has Been Surveyed Already 

While you might be able to look for old maps made for tax purposes, the land you own may have never been surveyed. This happens on a lot of occasions. In addition to that, there isn’t any guarantee it was accurate at the time if you do find a past survey from years ago.  

You Can Build a Fence Without a Survey 

Even if you are certain that you are only building on your land, it is always ideal to protect your investment. You can do this by ensuring that you exactly know where your property lines are. You might be forced to get rid of your fence if it turns out that you’ve built onto a neighboring property. Before you build a fence, you should think twice first. This is particularly true when it comes to the property line.  

Neighbors Won’t Intrude Over My Property Line 

For those who don’t know, this issue is more common than you believe. Land surveyors see these kinds of problems. You should not be certain that you are not intruding onto the property that belongs to your neighbor legally, or that they are not doing the same with your property. You should hire a professional whenever you’re in doubt. 

Land Surveys Are Not Required If You Know Where the Stakes Are 

The truth is that all you understand is there’s a past surveyor who may have determined that this location was on the property’s edge if you find the survey stakes from a past survey. This does not mean that the survey is precise. An expert land surveyor can tell you if that stake is really yours or not. In addition to that, you should keep in mind that the court won’t accept your findings, especially if you’re not a licensed land surveyor

Things that Can Be Placed on Headstone Inscriptions

If you don’t know what you should put on a headstone inscription, then keep on reading this article to give you some ideas about it. Try to imagine which of these items would you like to be included and choosing the right words in a headstone inscription you commissioned.  

Choosing the wording before the size or material to be used in a headstone 

Typically, most of the people choose the material, the size, and the shape of the stone first before choosing what wording to put on the gravestone. However, this is not always an effective idea since it would be hard to adjust should you plan to have a long wording. Meaning, it would be highly recommended to make choosing the wording as a start. The stone’s shape will be intended to suit the inscription and the chosen material to fit the inscription’s length. 

Begin with the dates and names 

A lot of people don’t have a clue where to begin. For instance, one of the mistakes others do is to put “in loving memory,” or phrases like that first, which is not highly suggested. It would be better if you begin with the dates and dates, and the rest is optional and additive according to your liking. 

Select an inscription that piques the interest of the public 

Once the inscriptions do not say much aside from “beloved ma and pa,” it won’t actually be appealing to anybody. This does not mean that this is really important, but most mothers and fathers are definitely beloved. Hence, the words won’t really add anything to the inscription’s interest aside from the commissioner.  

The headstone selection will be extremely personal 

People nowadays are pre-purchasing their personal headstones in advance. Also, the selected wordings are usually very uplifting and positive. An individual who commissions their personal headstones is most likely to be advanced in years. 

Keep it as simple as you can 

As we all know, less is more. However, achieving that could be a bit challenging. But, you should look for the right words that generally explains what you want to convey and the outcome will be fine. 

Refrain from being extremely sentimental 

Though it isn’t always possible, it would be a bright idea to attempt controlling your emotion as you search for the right words. As you are looking for the fitting words for a child, we usually tend to dignify the circumstance by showing sadness, pain, and emotion. However, this is not a great idea since as time passes by, it is the greatest moments that the bereaved will automatically remember, and not the sad and lonely time.  

Take your time 

Actually, there are no rules or guidelines when it comes to choosing your headstones and what to inscribe on it. Keep in mind that time is one of the vital factors here. It could take a lot of years to look for the exact and right words you want to include, and sometimes, there are just no right words. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Designing a Headstone

Below are some of the common questions asked by many in terms of designing a headstone. If you want to know more, keep on reading this article.  

How to select the stone size? 

The stone’s width and height can be determined by the inscription’s shape. Great headstone providers do not keep standard blank headstones. Rather, everyone is particularly customized to the client’s preferred size. This, it would be better to ponder about the inscription first before minding the shape.  

Would a simple stone be fine? 

Of course, simple is definitely acceptable. Also, attempt and stop the usual “in loving memory” phrase. In fact, the most moving and beautiful headstones are the simplest ones. 

Should a hand-carved headstone’s design be that grand? 

This is one of the misconceptions many have. Just because it is a handmade gravestone does not mean that it should be artsy and different. There are times when all that you need is a bit of fine spacing and lettering, with a simple design.  

What are the regulations and rules if there are any? 

There is no exact rules and regulation when it comes to designing and creating a headstone. But you need to make sure that you considered the cemetery and the churchyard’s existing rules. As a matter of fact, a lot of vicars will greatly support and encourage a hand-made headstone, even if it breaks the rules for a bit.  

What are the things to consider that can impact the choice of design? 

Upon pondering about what headstone design to use, the overall character and feel of a headstone will entirely be up to the person or client who commissions the stone. 

After some orientations regarding the material, shape, size, and content, it’s essential to discuss the character. The inscription might have to be upright and formal, perhaps you can utilize capital letters. You can also provide your inscriptions with a modern feel by using sans serif font or lettering. Also, flourishes and Italics are more relaxed. 

Regardless of the stone’s temperament, the trends now should be refrained to be used and the style of lettering should be long-lasting.  

Can I alter and have the design re-costumized? 

Indeed, you can. After the first meeting, if you find that design presented to you by the provider does not fit your liking, then feel free to say so and your provider will definitely help you achieve what you want and can do some amendments and changes based oin your preference. After deciding on a design, it will be inscribed onto the stone and you can take a look at it again before your provider start cutting it for real. At this point of time, there are a lot of minimal adjustments and further changes to be made with some spacing. 

How long does it usually take? 

Be ready to wait for some time. Since each headstone is bespoke, every procedure will definitely take some time, which ranges from 4 up to 6 months. However, we assure you that doing this in advance will be worth the wait once you receive your personalized headstone.  

How to Choose the Best Headstone Inscription?

Deciding on the inscription of a headstone could really be overwhelming, which causes great stress and anxiety to many. Also, it could be a source of joy and comfort once the right words are selected. To help you out in deciding the right headstone inscription for you, check out the helpful tips below that we have prepared for you: 

Take your time in selecting the words you will include. You shouldn’t feel rushed or be guilty about the time it would take.  

Refrain from using phrases like “in loving memory of.”  

This phrase is basically the standard start of a gravestone inscription and it’s been pretty cliché and overused. Because of this, it started to lose its meaning. Rather, you can search for other means of conveying this meaning. It could be “remembered with love” or you can even carve a mini picture on it. Carvings can usually express something that words fail to do.  

Select a family member who’s glad to get the reins. 

Prevent too several cluttering and unnecessary words 

Nowadays, dates are commonly great once you only utilize the years. Bit as you make a memorial for those deceased children who only lived under months and days, you should be significant. 

Be open-minded about the offered design ideas 

The highest form of humor is wit. However, that should only be applied only in conversation. It actually requires to be very clever to keep being funny even when placed on a headstone through the years. 

Go for a timeless letterform and design. Refrain from using trending phrases that have a meaning but won’t last long. Also, you should select a letterform that you actually like. 

Look for a letter cutter with plenty of experience when it comes to creating headstones. They can be helpful as well by providing you some great advice. If you can, select a hand-carved headstone since this will not provide you much more freedom to use space and won’t be limited to a template. Any ideas could be discussed with a reliable and skilled headstone maker. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a certified headstone maker now.  

Refrain from inscribing a list of attributes. As much as possible, attempt to make a concise statement that sums up what you want to convey. 

You can think about adding an epitaph that can cause an effect on those who will pass by and read it. For instance, utilize a line from a poem that can definitely move anyone who will try to read it. A lot of people want to inscribe phrases like “Beloved grandmother, sister, and mother.” But this could appear to be a bit irrelevant after 20 years. It would be great to place something that is timeless. 

Upon looking for headstones for sale within your area, it would be best to ask for recommendations from the people you trust about the services they availed to when it comes to designing and creating headstones. Or you can visit our website for a detailed package and services we can offer.