Below are some of the common questions asked by many in terms of designing a headstone. If you want to know more, keep on reading this article.  

How to select the stone size? 

The stone’s width and height can be determined by the inscription’s shape. Great headstone providers do not keep standard blank headstones. Rather, everyone is particularly customized to the client’s preferred size. This, it would be better to ponder about the inscription first before minding the shape.  

Would a simple stone be fine? 

Of course, simple is definitely acceptable. Also, attempt and stop the usual “in loving memory” phrase. In fact, the most moving and beautiful headstones are the simplest ones. 

Should a hand-carved headstone’s design be that grand? 

This is one of the misconceptions many have. Just because it is a handmade gravestone does not mean that it should be artsy and different. There are times when all that you need is a bit of fine spacing and lettering, with a simple design.  

What are the regulations and rules if there are any? 

There is no exact rules and regulation when it comes to designing and creating a headstone. But you need to make sure that you considered the cemetery and the churchyard’s existing rules. As a matter of fact, a lot of vicars will greatly support and encourage a hand-made headstone, even if it breaks the rules for a bit.  

What are the things to consider that can impact the choice of design? 

Upon pondering about what headstone design to use, the overall character and feel of a headstone will entirely be up to the person or client who commissions the stone. 

After some orientations regarding the material, shape, size, and content, it’s essential to discuss the character. The inscription might have to be upright and formal, perhaps you can utilize capital letters. You can also provide your inscriptions with a modern feel by using sans serif font or lettering. Also, flourishes and Italics are more relaxed. 

Regardless of the stone’s temperament, the trends now should be refrained to be used and the style of lettering should be long-lasting.  

Can I alter and have the design re-costumized? 

Indeed, you can. After the first meeting, if you find that design presented to you by the provider does not fit your liking, then feel free to say so and your provider will definitely help you achieve what you want and can do some amendments and changes based oin your preference. After deciding on a design, it will be inscribed onto the stone and you can take a look at it again before your provider start cutting it for real. At this point of time, there are a lot of minimal adjustments and further changes to be made with some spacing. 

How long does it usually take? 

Be ready to wait for some time. Since each headstone is bespoke, every procedure will definitely take some time, which ranges from 4 up to 6 months. However, we assure you that doing this in advance will be worth the wait once you receive your personalized headstone.